Choosing the right handbag for different occasions: a short guide

Handbags are very useful – they help us carry all important things wherever we go; plus, they’re very stylish accessories. Yet they’re also tricky: there are many types of handbags and not all of them fit a certain occasion. In this article we’ll tell you about the most popular types of bags, and when to wear them.


Clutch is the smallest type of handbags and, as the name implies, you’re supposed to hold it in your hand. That makes it not very practical for casual wear, and you can’t fit many things in a clutch. Clutches are perfect for special events (like weddings or dates) and parties; they’re easy to hold, they always look elegant, and it can fit small important items.

Tote bag

Tote bags, on the contrary, are very spacious and they can fit practically any item. Since these bags are so large, they’re not fit for official or fancy occasions. Yet that doesn’t mean you don’t need this kind of a bag; tote bags will serve as perfect beach bags or shoppers.


Right in the middle of clutches and totes there are satchels. A satchel is a pretty compact bag, which can fit many things, nevertheless. Thanks to its rectangular shape, a satchel’s perfect for carrying documents and papers, and even a tablet. That makes it a great choice for a work bag.

Crossbody bag

Crossbody bags also usually come in medium size, but it can vary, of course. As the name suggests, a crossbody bag should be worn diagonally on one shoulder. That makes this kind of bags very comfortable to wear if you intend to move a lot.

Here you can find all mentioned types of handbags as well as beautiful accessories and many other bags.

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