Handbag fashion: surprising trends for 2021

New year, new trends. Fashion is a notion that’s been known for long time, yet it always different. If you ask a person what will be in fashion in 100 years from now, they probably won’t guess it right. Since fashion changes so quickly, what’s left for you is to keep up, and we’re happy to help! In this article we’ll tell you about three surprising trends in handbags for this year.

Round shapes

With the stive for most unusual things, today’s fashion world brought something new for us. Round bags – yes, completely round! They’re small and elegant, unique and stylish, and you can see them in the covers of many fashion magazines. Want one for yourself? Here are three beautiful options:

Luxurious gleam

The more your bag shines – the better. And what can give it such a shine? Crystals and metals, of course! This year we’re showing off all the luxury we have, so shine together with your bag! See the examples of such bags down:

Fluffy bags

With our love for cute things, we – humans – couldn’t stay away from fluffy bags. If not so long ago they’ve been critiqued, now they’re said to be some of the most fashionable accessories. You can choose a less extreme option for a fluffy bag, like this plush tote bag, or experiment with your style and wear this fur clutch bag – but remember, no business meetings and official event with them.

What’s your favorite bag trend in 2021? Let us know in the comments?

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