Recent trends in women’s watches

Wristwatches have been popular fashion accessories for women since the late 19th century, and they still are. Since watches are such popular accessories, trends come and go, and you ned to keep up with them if you want to stay fashionable. Here are the hot trends in women’s watches.

Black and gold

Gold has always been a symbol of high status and luxury, black – of elegance. When putting together these two colors, we get the ultimate combination. Watches with black straps and black dials with a fine accent of gold on hands and cases are the most stylish accessories of 2021. They will fit almost any outfit and occasion.

If you’d like to order such watches right now, here’s a great option – moreover, it comes together with four elegant bracelets.

Metal straps

Metal straps have been used in watches from the very beginning – golden straps, to be precise, since watches were mainly worn by rich folk. This year, this fashion for metal straps comes back and rather quick! Metal straps beautifully harmonize with metal cases, and their gleam is even more gorgeous in the sunlight.

For those who want the most luxurious watches, we recommend the ones with a diamond loop; but if you want something more reserved – a simple metal strap watch will be perfect!

Geometric shapes

Watches usually have either round or square dial, and that became quite boring. In 2021, everyone wants to bring something unique to fashion, and watches of unusual geometric shapes are here to stay.

It can either be a watch with a rhombus dial and octagonal case or a sky-patterned watch in the shape of a twelve-angled stone – depends on what’s more comfortable for you, after all, these watches are rather unusual.

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