Storing cosmetics in a bag: useful tips

Too many beauty products create a mess out of your dressing table or bathroom, you need something to store it all in. Of course, using shelves is useful, but imagine dusting all of them… The most optimal choice is buying special cosmetic bags, and we know all about them. Read further to learn useful tips and tricks.

What type of cosmetic bag to choose?

That depends on your cosmetics collection, really. If you don’t use more than a mascara and occasional lipstick, there’s no point in buying a whole chest for makeup. A small storage case – no bigger than a clutch – will be enough. It’ll also be useful to sort cosmetics if you have a lot of it: eye makeup in one bag, lip makeup – in the other, etc.

Yet, if you have lots of makeup tools, you will need a bag much bigger than this. Find the one with several sections or with pockets, here are the examples:

How to store?

Our first tip is separate. Store makeup tools and skin care products in different sections, or better bags.

Then, combine. Put lipsticks, lip pencils, glosses in one side of the bag; eyeshadows, mascaras, brow pencils – in the other; everything for contour, base, etc – in the middle. That will make it easier to look for specific items.

And, lastly, clean up. With cosmetics bags, we tend to forget to clean up and sort the things we have, thus creating a mess. Check for old items as often as possible and get rid of them.

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